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Are You Over 16: Y
Other Characters Played in Consignment: n/a

Character Name: Device, Anathema
Canon: Good Omens, post book.
Character Appearance: The good witch.
Character Age: 19
Pick A Number: 612, 668

Canon Setting:
The story of Good Omens is set in lovely 1990 England, and for the most part, the world is very much normal and in line with the the real life world as it was at the time. The Labour Party is still in power in the UK, technology sores with boxy television sets and mobile phones steadily shrinking in size from the dreaded Brick, and West Germany has taken home the FIFA World Cup.

But the world differs from the normal in one very large, very important fact: angels and demons exist, as do Heaven and Hell, in a world that's only really about six-thousand years old, give or take a year or so.

You see, since the exile of Adam and Eve from Eden, Heaven and Hell has continued to mess about mankind through all of history, with demons spreading filth and tempting humans to sin and to Hell, while angels balanced it out by performing assorted acts of miracles, spreading good and nudging man to do the same in turn. It's the ongoing test of humanity since their very beginning, and in turn a test of angels and demons themselves, as part of God's great Ineffable Plan.

No one's quite sure just what exactly it is that the Plan itself fully entails. Only that it is, without a doubt, Ineffable - every act performed by any creature, mortal or celestial in nature, is a part of it, and forwarding it, in exactly the way that they were meant to. And where is this plan being forwarded to, as its end goal? Supposedly straight to the apocalypse, heralded in by the four horsemen themselves: War (who's spent years as a war journalist, traveling from war zone to war zone to create and record a story), Famine (who happens to run his own corporation, selling false food to the masses), Pollution (who had taken over for Pestilence shortly after the discovery of penicillin), and Death.

And as it so happens, much of the coming apocalypse settles right there in the country of England. More specifically, the small town of Lower Tadfield located in Oxfordshire, where an indescribable power has been growing steadily over the course of eleven years. It's essentially a perfect town, as Anathema notes during her stay, with perfectly timed seasons, perfectly timed weather, and more greenery than many English towns have seen in a long, long time. A child's dream of the perfect place to live, and the predicated location of the end of the world.

Because it has been predicted. Three hundred years prior, by a witch named Agnes Nutter, who was later burned at the stake. But not before she had printed a book of her prophecies, visions of the future as she 'remembered' it, in a failed attempt to publish them. None of the books ever sold, because, ironically enough, no one wants to read about prophecies that are actually true. But there was one copy that survived.

And it's been passed along her family line ever since.

Character History:
Anathema's history technically starts some three hundred years prior to the start of the story, with a witch named Agnes Nutter living in 17th England. Agnes Nutter is important to this for two reasons: first, because she's Anathema's distant relative. And second, because she's the most powerful prophet to have ever lived, because unlike most people that had visions both before her time and after, Agnes' visions were always right. She was later burned at the stake for it and accusations of being a witch, but not before she had published her visions to a book that never sold. Because for all the people bought up books of prophecy even then, no one cared for the prophecies that were actually true.

None of her books survived history. Agnes died, and half the townspeople with her, as a vision of her death had given her enough time to prepare for it - over a hundred combined pounds of gunpowder and roofing nails had been hidden in her petticoats before she helped them light her own fire. Her death should have been the end of her legacy. But there was one book that survived.

Fast forward to the present world of 1990, and that's where modern day descendent Anathema Device finally comes into play. As the newest caretaker and decoder of Agnes' last and only book, Anathema's made it her life's work to follow in the footsteps of so many relatives before her in trying to puzzle out the confusingly worded visions, as written by a 17th century woman seeing the happenings of her increasingly more modern descendents and the world's increasingly more modern technology. The prophecies themselves only seem to center on the descendents of Agnes' family, Anathema included, and the book was merely an old woman's wish to try and protect her family even long after she was gone.

But the prophecies also foretell the coming apocalypse. Which, if translated from Agnes' 17th century correctly, is only a few short days away.

The prophecies eventually lead Anathema to the small town of Lower Tadfield in Oxforshire, where, while in the middle of tracing the location of a power that she can only assume belongs to whatever is going to trigger the end of the world, she ends up hit by a car driven by two 'consenting bicycle repair men'. And while the men are nice enough to take her further into Tadfield, the real nightmare starts after they leave. Taking Agnes' book with them.

It's just as Agnes' had predicted it would, but for the unaware Anathema? That's years of her life, and quite possibly all her years after, right out the window.

But she manages. Between befriending the local neighborhood children during her stay in Tadfield, and allying with Newton Pulsifer - a modern day 'witch-hunter', one of the last two remaining members of the witch-finder army that originally burned her descendent at the stake - Anathema does locate ground zero of the end of the world in an old, disused Air Force base. And not just her: so do the four horsemen of the apocalypse. So do her book stealing repairmen, an angel and a demon respectively. Even the 11-year old children she'd befriended previously, one of which - a bright young boy named Adam Young - happens to be the Anti-Christ himself, and the catalyst of the entire thing.

But due to a mix up when he'd been born, Adam had grown up entirely, utterly human, without demonic or angelic influences of any sort in his life. And due to both his human upbringing, and Anathema's own influences of opening up his heart and mind to a larger world than he'd known existed, he went against his very nature and ended the apocalypse by sending all super natural forces back to their own domains, while Anathema and Newton sabotaged the base computer systems before they could launch a nuclear holocaust designed by Heaven and Hell both.

But even after the world had been saved, Adam still had so much more to make right, and fix, and block out of mortal minds, if he wanted to continue living the life of a normal human boy with a mostly normal human life. And even now, Anathema finds herself fuzzy on the details of the whos and hows of how the pulled off averting the end of the world, and she can't quite figure out why...

Character Personality:
First and foremost, Anathema is a witch. It's the first thing that anyone will note of her upon first meeting, due to the fact that she's sensible, practical, surprisingly self-sufficient, incredibly Earth friendly, has her PhD by the age of nineteen, and is very much un-like a witch in he most stereotypical sense of the term. However, she's always more than happy to inform the people she meets that she is, indeed, just that. A witch. And she'll normally leave a person to their own conclusions after that, or even jokingly play along with the typical stereotypes.

Despite her inherent witchiness, when it comes down to it, Anathema doesn't put much stock in the use of spells and charms as protection. While she is very good at assembling seemingly random odds and ends into various pieces of magical equipment should the need arise, as in the case of her self-built, jury-rigged theodolite, if she really needs to defend herself? She instead puts her faith in the foot long bread knife she always keeps with her, and it tends to do it's job quite well as an effective bluff and deterrent of anyone that would wish her harm. But just because she doesn't rely heavily on magic, it doesn't mean she's completely without power otherwise. She does possess a few talents of her own, such as being psychic to a degree (which, admittedly, she considers something of a hereditary disease more than any sort of gift, and she often tunes out other people's thoughts and auras unless she's especially curious about them), and considerable knowledge of the occult, which she'll occasionally dabble in as a 'hobby'. She just prefers to find different alternatives to solve life's problems. Such round-about ways of thinking are especially helpful when trying to puzzle out Agnes' prophecies.

However, she’s heavily reliant on these prophecies, to the point where they're almost literally all her life revolves around. The prophecies are a wonderful little portion of the world where everything happens exactly the way it says it will be without any surprises, after all. They add structure, security, and most importantly of all, they add a purpose to her life that she's unsure she'd find anywhere else.

On the plus side, this has given her the wonderful ability to take things as they come over the years, no matter how absurd, without even batting an eyelash. She knows how things will turn out, and as such, there's no point in panicking. It's almost as if she holds just a little bit of control over the world around her. She's grown so accustomed to that control that she doesn't quite know what to do when she doesn't have the prophecies - and Agnes is always very particular about what happens to the book, if anything ever happens to it at all - and losing them will make her panic. For as collected as she normally is, when she freaks out, she can be confused and somewhat paranoid, snap and lash out defensively, and overall becomes a frantic mess that's prone to breaking down and crying.

That loss of control, of purpose? It's not something she's yet equip to handle, when it's the only life she's ever known. And a life she was forced to grow up far too quickly for - the knowledge that the world is destined to end before you can even see your twentieth birthday if you don't figure out a way to stop it will do that to people.

But growing up quickly doesn't mean she's lost all sense of fun, when she has a flair for dramatics and theatrics, and hoped that a certain prophecy in particular would be bringing someone 'tall, dark, and handsome' into her home. She's considerably more personable than the typical story-book witches of old, as well, and especially when it comes to children, who she absolutely adores. Children are bright, sweet, light filled pockets of positive energy in a world that's so often going to shit, and they're always so eager to learn. It's something that Anathema is always more than happy to help with, of course, as helping to raise today's youth to become more environmentally conscious is an admirable goal that she believes everyone should be striving to do. And when said youth of today turns out to include the eleven-year-old boy who would be the Anti-Christ, further opening his heart to a world he already loves goes a long, long way.

Adults, however? Authority figures? People her age and older, who have much more life experience, have had much more time to figure out the intricate and subtle rules of life than any child so far has? While Anathema remains just as helpful, she's also prone to being curt, and suspicious, and overall less tolerant of the ignorance they show and the mistakes they make. It's everything they should have grown out of or at least learned to overcome, over the years, just as she had, and if they still struggle with what she considers something as simple as being open-minded, she gets frustrated even trying to interact with them.

As her morals go, she's widespread in them, when it really comes down to it. She's very justice oriented, and willing to do a great deal in the name of what's 'right', even if the means may not be entirely sound. Just as long as the people she cares about, and essentially the world at large is safe, there's almost no means to and end that isn't worth it, short of having to outright kill a man. And even then, there would still be heavy consideration. She truly does care a lot about the people around her, and of humankind as a whole even if not always humankind individually. And such, she's not afraid to do whatever it takes to stick up for and protect them.

Sometimes, this means having to threaten to shoot armed military guards in the back (with a stick) in order to get where she needs to go. And sometimes it even means having to sabotage the equipment of an old Air Force base in order to stop the world from going up in a nuclear holocaust. It doesn't matter what means she has to resort to to achieve the best resolution, when the fate of the world is what's at stake.

Character Powers & Skills:
As a witch, Anathema does indeed have an inherent talent for magic, regardless of how often she decides to actually use it. She's shown to close and lock a door without touch, and to track the power of the Anti-Christ through the use of a special theodolite to map ley-lines.

While nothing else is ever explicitly shown, it's reasonable to take from her own statements that she's capable of quite a bit more. She doesn't put a lot of stock in charms and protective wards when she has the protection of a large knife, but she can craft simple ones with the right materials. In the kitchen she can make 'potions' and draughts of a sort, under the guise of tea, to promote healing and help against sickness. And she's capable of learning much more, with time, practice, and a willing teacher.

But more importantly than spells, much of her talent in witchcraft centers on hard work and common sense to solve both her problems and those of the people around her, using very little magic at all unless she absolutely needs it.

And as well as being magical in nature, she's also, much to her dismay, at least a little bit psychic. She can read another's mind in the sense of being able to catch immediate feelings, and thoughts in the form of images of whatever the person happens to be thinking, and only what the are thinking in that moment. There's no digging into a person's hidden past or gathering all of their deepest, darkest secrets - it's an annoying distraction that takes away from conversation, and a power that she's learned to tune out until she decides she actively wants to use it.

Aura Reading:
As it says on the tin. All living creatures posses an aura, described as a small, bright halo around their entire form. It's not a talent that Anathema can actively turn off, but it's another that she's learned to tune out over the years, to the point where she even fails to notice when someone is actually missing their aura - something that shouldn't be possible.

She has quite a talent for building her own equipment with whatever she happens to have on hand, as evidenced with the DIY theodolite she keeps with her.

First Person POV:
That moment when you meet some thug in the dark.
And a giant space raptor.
And go to the carnival with a man prettier than you are.

Third Person POV:
"We could use a brilliant girl like you to aid us on our mission."

The young man looked remarkably like Adam. Fully grown, a sharp contrast to the raggedy young boy she knew by being respectably dressed and professionally mannered, but his looks so strikingly similar. And perhaps that had been the biggest reason she had been so quick to invite him in for tea, instead of simply dismissing him from her doorstep. Had been why she had taken in everything of the 'offer' that he held, rather than brushing away the words as a salesman pitch she had no desire to hear. Words of a contract job, had she any desire to take it. Of adventure, of exploration, of having a new purpose in her life.

Of protecting their world in the middle of it all - and more than anything else, perhaps that was what had gained Anathema's even quicker acceptance of the offer, all details of what the job entailed falling entirely to the wayside as that single line left the man's lips.

"You kept them safe once. We'd like for you to do it again."

There was little else to convince her, after that.

"Miss Device?"

And the man that wasn't Adam still stood politely in her kitchen, patiently waiting for her to finish gathering what she needed and wrap up whatever loose ends remained - supplies packed, letters written to Newton and Adam both, promising exciting stories on her quick return. But in the back of her mind, even Anathema had the feeling that the man wouldn't wait for much longer. That she may miss her chance (may put everything at risk) if she didn't go just a little quicker.

"I'm sorry, just-" One more moment for one more thing. The most important item of her hurriedly put together arsenal, and as far as she was concerned, the only item she truly needed for this entire contract.

Under her breath, she whispered a soft apology to Newt, wherever he was at.

He was predictable, when it came right down to it. Even Anathema had to admit he was a dear for trying so hard to help her through her "rough patch" - learning to live day by day without the aid of a three-hundred year old woman watching over her shoulder, and trying to figure out just where she stood in the world - but sometimes, the most obvious place to look for any item of value was exactly that. And hiding in plain sight was a trick any witch worth her spells already knew quite well.

Sure enough, tucked into a cluttered corner of the bookshelf, spine almost obscured from view by a mess of candles and stacked paperbacks, was a yellowing manuscript. A continuation of Agnes Nutter's life work, and the very prophecies that Anathema had promised Newton and herself she would try to live without. The realization she was going to actually break her word left a sour taste, but this was important. It was the only way she could rationalize tucking the aged book neatly into her bag. The end of the world may have been averted, but if she was to go with this CDC, if she was to step up and protect the world for a second time, she would need everything that she had.

It was important, she reassured herself, as she quickly turned back to the recruiter (who was still not Adam, no matter how unnervingly similar he looked to the boy). Newt would forgive her for it, when she came back.

Once she had done her duty, and made sure that humankind remained safe for at least a little while longer, she could quit again at any time.

Pick a Team:
BLUE Team: In her time translating and following Agnes' prophecies, Anathema's become very skilled in keeping her life organized, in coming up with the best course of action for any given vision and where it leads her to, and in coordinating her own insights with those noted by past relatives that had been on the same trail. She's very good with information, both the gathering and organization of it, and would fit in very well in the support role that Blue team provides over any other team. Guiding people, making sure they have everything they need to work at their best, is second nature to her, as evidenced with both Newton and Adam, and she'd fill the role in Blue just as comfortably.

WHITE Team: Alternately, medical would be just as fitting for her, because between having to fight and having to tend to those who are fighting, she'll turn to the latter every single time. She's a protector at heart, a preferred pacifist if she can help it, and a skilled caretaker and healer, both in magical and more conventional means. And she needs to feel needed and feel she has a purpose, which medical would give her in spades.

Reason for Joining the CDC:
All it takes is one mention that her world will be kept save, and she's fully persuaded. The well being of Earth and humankind is the one thing she's spent her life looking after and protecting, and with the apocalypse averted, and nothing else to save? She needs a new purpose in life in order to feel like she matters, and to feel like she's part of the bigger picture again. She's spent years feeling like she was an important part of how the world works thanks to Agnes' book of prophecies, and she'd throw herself into her work with the CDC just to feel that again, even if the work is a little...unsavory in her eyes.

That's not to say she won't struggle with the whole deal of having to destroy planets, though. Because she will. Badly, when it finally happens, even though she'll get through it through sheer determination to keep earth safe. But I also like the thought of her being able to grow into her own person from the conflict, and the camaraderie of everyone she serves with - take control of her own life and really gain confidence in herself, instead of spending the rest of her life as just a descendent.

Mission Freebie: Her own personal herb garden, for witchcraft and tea purposes.

Personal Item or Weapon: A single foot long bread knife.

Character Inventory:
- 1 outfit (heavy water-proofed cloak, sweater, top, skirt, leggings, steel-toed boots)
- 1 bread knife
- 1 beat up messenger bag (confiscated.)
- 1 theodolite (confiscated.)
- 1 pouch of mixed herbs (confiscated.)
- 1 agate crystal (confiscated.)
- 1 copy of Further Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Concerning the Worlde that Is To Com: Ye Saga Continuef! (confiscated. and withheld until end of contract. no prophecies for the witch.)