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[community profile] consignment; permissions.

❚❚❚❚❚ BASICS.

■ NAME & ID CODE: Anathema Device | M03-A32-612
■ CANON: Good Omens [post canon]
■ AGE: 19
■ CURRENT TEAM & STATUS: BLUE and WHITE teams. Healthy.
■ LANGUAGE: English
❚❚❚❚❚ IC.
■ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Normally not a problem! Chances are she won't mind someone else initiating occasional bits of touch here and there; handshakes, friendly hugs, comforting touches, that sort of thing.
■ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Anathema would:
-be willing to give her life for another character currently in game. Any other character. They're all in this together now, and she's going to protect her fellow crew mates like she would anyone else.
-not kill for another character currently in game. Violence is never the answer, and she detests it on the best days.
-not be comfortable with and/or willing to mutilate a dead recruit’s body. It's beyond disrespectful.

Though to be honest, she's really not much of a fighter. She can put up a hell of a fight in self-defense, but even then she prefers to either talk or bluff her way out of conflicts. She's a normal, human teenaged girl, witch or no, and without considerable back-up she's out of her depth in a real fight.
■ RELATIONSHIPS: She's perfectly open to both showing and receiving affection from the majority of people she meets, and is honestly a hopeless romantic at heart, but actual relationships are kind of a mystery to her. The only man she's ever slept with was only because she knew it was prophesied that they would before they even met - with anyone else, she's going in blind, and she's still not sure how she feels about that.
■ MENTAL INFORMATION: Pretty stable. Her thoughts tend to revolve around the future, especially now that she has to figure out how to actually live without having it at her finger-tips. And she's a little bit psychic for those who can pick up on that.
■ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Healthy, 19-year-old completely and utterly human female.
■ FAVORITE SENSORY INPUT: She favors her sight over any other sense - especially now, being able to admire the world around her and know that it won't be going anywhere any time soon.
■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: To be honest, she doesn't have any offensive triggers, to be affected by or to affect others. However, any mention of prophecies/the apocalypse/the supernatural in general will have her attention like whoa. You have been warned.
■ REBELLIOUS TENDENCIES: Once she's set on a cause, and in this case, the cause being the safety of her world and all the people on it, she's very good at taking orders and direction. She has nothing against the CDC at this time, and it's unlikely she will in the future. Against what she does? Very possibly. But not so much the organization as a whole.
❚❚❚❚❚ OOC.
■ PLAYER: Cori
■ PREFERRED CONTACT: [ profile] seireiishtar, PM this journal
■ BACKTAGGING: I'm good with it! I'll keep tagging for as long as my partner does.
■ THREADHOPPING: I'm also good with this! If it does happen to get in the way of something important, I will let you know.
■ FOURTHWALLING: I doubt that any would know her book, but I'd still prefer not, thanks.
■ ACTION VS PROSE: Good with both! I generally match my partner's preference.
■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: None that I expect to come up.
■ YES/NO SCENARIOS: I'm actually good with just about any scenario, but for Anathema I'd prefer to avoid death (unless this happens to come up in a plot somehow and is properly discussed), and also extreme violence, as in her participation on either end of it. Thanks!